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About Us

Prelude Piano Solutions, where inspiration begins, exists to provide our clients with the piano of their dreams, and serve them with a full range of services to help cultivate their life-long relationship with the instrument.

We are the official Baldwin dealer in the area. We also rent pianos! Visit our Services & Fees page for more info.

Looking for Fry’s Westport Fairfield Piano? They sold their information to us before going out of business, and we are happy to help you!

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Prelude Piano Solutions is a sole proprietorship company, owned and operated by Jonathan Brittin. Jonathan had a vision to provide a full-service piano center that would exceed the highest standards in the industry for piano tuning, repair and restoration, as well as deliver exceptional customer service.

Prelude Piano Solutions is the realization of that vision.

Jonathan is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with more than 25 years of experience tuning and restoring pianos. He also arranges music and, in addition to piano, plays guitar, bass, and trumpet. He and his wife, Jennifer (a pianist, vocalist and choir director), have three children.

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