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Brodmann Pianos

Brodmann Upright & Grand Pianos

The name of Joseph Brodmann stands for more than just a product name.

The sound philosophy of Joseph Brodmann pianos is based on the Viennese, European sound tradition.

More and more people today are turning away from the bright harsh sounding pianos which have become the accepted tonal sound of pianos produced for the past 25 years. People are returning to the traditional sweet rounded tones that were the original signature of fine world class pianos from Europe.

The secret of the Brodmann pianos is that they are a European designed piano, using European parts in the key areas of sound production. The inclusion of these critical components makes all the difference in creating the Brodmann piano sound, a distinctive full and rounded European tone, giving a much sweeter, singing sustaining tone than that of their competitors. In addition, Brodmann also works together with renowned piano performers, composers and artists to ensure the finest tonal palette and sound quality for all their instruments.

brodmann piano top
Inside of piano

Brodmann’s highly experienced technical team uses only the finest quality raw materials to ensure world class quality, playability and durability. All grand pianos and concert upright pianos are completely handcrafted under strict quality control. Using American or German made pin blocks, German solid spruce soundboards, hammers, and strings as well as an Austrian/British designed action makes the overall quality Brodmann is known for.

Piano being built

Brodmann pianos must pass stringent quality control checks at all stages of production to ensure that the piano is of the highest quality. Master technicians and piano builders from Austria oversee all production and final quality control. Brodmann has also secured the expertise of former Bosendorfer production managers and master technicians, to ensure not only today’s quality control, but also future research and development projects.

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Brodmann Conservatory Edition Pianos

The Brodmann Conservatory Edition is a range of pianos for the aspiring pianist at a quality level unparalleled on the market and the perfect piano line for the price conscious buyer having the Brodmann stamp of quality and reliability. Ideal pianos for the beginner and the student alike, the Conservatory Edition will provide the best quality instrument for all types of music making at a very affordable price.

The range consists of two grand pianos, models CE 148 and CE 175 and one upright, CE118

The Conservatory Edition pianos use quality components including German hammer felt on grand pianos and Japanese felt on the upright hammers, German Roslau strings are used throughout.

Brodmann Professional Edition Pianos

Black Brodmann piano side view

With its well-known, wide range of grand and upright pianos, the Professional Edition range is well respected and widely accepted as the leading piano in its class – for players and institutions alike.

The Professional Edition is fitted with top quality selected European parts such as a Strunz soundboard and ribs from Germany, Abel hammers from Germany, Rosslau strings and an action designed by Langer from Great Britain. Wood finish models in Mahogany and Walnut polish are also available in selected grand and upright sizes.

The range consists of 5 grands, models PE 150, PE 162, PE 187, PE 212, and PE 228 and 5 uprights, models PE 116, PE 121, PE 123, PE 125, and PE 130

Brodmann Artist Series Pianos

The Brodmann Artist Series pianos are ‘Made in Germany’ and represent a combination of the finest piano designs coupled with the skills of European craftsmen. Only the finest materials are used in the Production process, such as Kluge Keyboards, full Renner Action, with a choice of Abel or Renner hammers, Canadian Bolduc soundboards, ribs and pin-blocks as used by the world’s leading piano manufacturers. The Artist Series are designed for the quality minded and the professional players, Institutions and Concert Halls.

The range consists of 4 grands, models AS 188, AS 211, AS 227, AS 275 and 1 upright, model AS 132

Black Brodmann piano side
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