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Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-Owned Pianos

Every pre-owned piano that comes to our store has been thoroughly inspected by a Registered Piano Technician to make sure it is in excellent working order before it makes it onto our showroom floor. Each piano is tuned, voiced, and regulated to reach its fullest potential.

We want all of our customers to purchase a piano that they feel confident will serve their needs for many years to come. The purchase of a piano is an important decision and we are confident that all of our pre-owned instruments will meet the various needs of our customers.

We have a large selection of some of the leading piano manufacturers in our pre-owned inventory. We have an excellent selection of brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Baldwin and many others.

Contact us today to set up an appointment to see these beautiful pianos.

Pre owned black grand piano

Yamaha M405 Piano, Free Local Delivery$2,395

Make: Yamaha
Model: M405
Finish: Cherry
Size: 44 Inches

Yamaha pianos have long been appreciated for both their sound quality and durability. This makes them an ideal instrument for beginners and casual players. So I f you’re looking for a console size vertical with response and tone that far surpasses both the depth of sound and accuracy of touch along with an elegant styling this piano is the perfect choice.

These used Yamaha’s sell fast, so if you’re shopping for a used upright, make sure to come by and look at this M405 before it’s too late.

This piano comes with free local delivery and a free in home tuning.

Pre-owned Yamaha Piano Front

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano Free local delivery – $14,995

This is one of Yamaha’s Conservatory models (6′ 1″) in beautiful ebony polish case.

As you know Yamaha C series are higher quality grand pianos to their lower end GC series and GB series.

This piano was built in 1980. This piano is in excellent condition in every way. Flawless!

It has a very nice clean tone and very responsive action feel. This is a pianist’s dream piano and you can own it for a very low price.

The brand new Yamaha for the same model (C3 in ebony polish) retails for $45,699 now. We are selling this like new piano for $14,995.

Feel free to come to our showroom and try this piano for yourself!

This piano is in excellent condition, has a marvelous tone, and has been meticulously maintained.
Free local delivery along with 1 FREE Piano Tuning. Piano is selling for less than market value!

1900 Steinway B Piano, Fully Restored, Free Local Delivery – $54,995

Finish: Rosewood
Model: B
Built: 1990
Size: 6’11”
Finish: Satin
Price: $54,995
Price includes: Delivery, tuning, 5 year warranty parts and labor and 10 year trade up. ($250 value)

This magnificent 6′ 11″ (211 cm) grand piano is often referred to by pianists as “the perfect piano.” It is a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument that does extremely well in refined homes, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues.

This piano has been fully restored. Brand new it is over $100,000. The rosewood finish with the original Victorian legs is very hard to find especially in the Model B.

This piano comes with free local delivery and a free in home tuning.


Price $11,900
Year 2000
Schulze-Pollmann is an Italian piano company. Schulze-Pollmann endeavours to build the best pianos in the world. Being built in San Marino Italy allows Schulze-Pollmann to take advantage of the best piano builders, the best engineers, and the best artisans to create a truly remarkable instrument that is uncompromising in its style, tonal dynamism and clarity, and overall beauty. Schulze-Pollmann has successfully managed to add original elements of Italian taste and design with German technical knowhow, producing a remarkable blend of tradition, technology and elegance.Schulze-Pollmann are hand built using only the finest of components such as the Cierca soundboards (the same material Stradavari used in his violins), Stuttgart Renner action and hammers, and built by master craftsmen and are hand-finished by local artisans.Piano building in the Italian and German traditions produces extraordinary acoustic results, an exceptionally rich and mellow sound and remarkable sound dynamics giving an ample range of volume and expression. Schulze-Pollmann pianos are available in unique finishes that will inspire any designer and impress any guest. The piano cases are hand crafted by Italian artisans using traditional tools and materials to create truly modern expressions.Schulze-Pollmann have a limited production and often have long lines of performers and stores clambering to have more of their pianos because of their beautiful sounds, unique finishes, and surprising value.In 2005, Italian auto manufacturer Ferrari Motor Car selected Schulze-Pollmann as a partner in the launch of its new Ferrari 612 Scaglietti series of automobiles. For the occasion, Schulze Pollmann crafted a limited-edition version of its 6′ 7″ model 197/G5 grand piano with a case that sports Ferrari’s racing red and a cast-iron plate in Ferrari gray carbon, the same color as the Scaglietti’s engine. The car and the piano have been exhibited together in cities around the world.It is very rare to find these amazing pianos for sale used. This is truly a unique opportunity. This piano is a brown mahogany with beautiful inlay craftsmanship. New these pianos sell for $80,995.This piano comes with free local delivery and a free in home tuning. It also has a 5 year warranty.
Pre-owned Baldwin Piano

2015 Baldwin BP5 Piano, Free Delivery – $4,995

With its timeless elegance and versatile sound and performance, Baldwin’s BP5 is the perfect piano for situations that require vertical dimensions, but desire grand-like tone. The new BP5 boasts nearly as much soundboard area as Baldwin’s celebrated R1 grand, to provide maximum tonal depth with vertical convenience, while looking great in the process in classic high-polish Ebony or Rosewood finish. Like all Baldwin pianos, the BP5 is crafted from premium materials by the skilled team that produces the world’s premier professional pianos. Whether you require a vertical piano for use in the studio, orchestra, school or home, the BP5 offers professional Baldwin tone, looks and quality through and through.

At 125cm (49 inches) tall, the BP5 vertical piano is built to dimensions that easily accommodate a large soundboard for a deep, powerful tone. The BP5 follows the Baldwin Scale Design, a precise “recipe” to determine optimum shape of sounding area, placement of bridges, and strike points, to produce a full, deep bass, sparkling highs and a rich tone all across the frequency range. Its features strings by Mapes or Roslau with longer speaking lengths than common upright pianos, so this vertical package makes no sacrifices in the depths of its bass frequencies. Tone and performance are further enhanced by the use of premium tone woods throughout, including a spruce soundboard, solid hard maple bridge, spruce ribs and back frame, and 19-ply laminated hard maple pin block. Baldwin’s acclaimed Full Blow™ Direct Action contributes to a superior feel and response, and culminates in genuine virgin wool hammers for a full, balanced tone. Try the BP5 today at your authorized Baldwin dealer to determine whether it’s the perfect solution for your vertical piano needs.

This piano comes with a Prelude Music Center 5 year parts and labor warranty. It also comes with free local delivery.

Call today to come see this and many other marvelous pianos.


Year 1988
Make Samick
Model SU-108
Price $1,995

Used Samick Euro Style Upright Studio Piano Model SU-108D manufacture date 1988 ebony polished finish. Piano takes up less room because of the Euro style cabinet (no front legs). Excellent action, touch and clear tone, piano has plenty of volume and produces a wide range of expression based on player’s touch. Middle pedal functions as a mute tone, lowers the volume for extensive sound reduction and practice mode (don’t have to listen to scales on full volume). Comes complete with a matching bench and book storage, along with FREE local delivery. This piano also comes with a free in home tuning and a 3 year warranty.


Year 1997
Make Yamaha
Model M500M
Price $2,495

The “Milano” decorator console piano designed to please both the ear and the eye. Features: Full length ribs into a notched liner Solid spruce soundboard and ribs Acoustibars Solid copper wound bass strings Hard maple bridges Aluminum alloy action rails Yamaha balanced action Spruce keys with hardwood buttons Grand piano key travel Cut thread tuning pins Mute pedal Yamaha designed hammers with T-fasteners Lacquer finish Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro) plate Seasoned for destination Yamaha ServiceBondSM Assurance Program Specifications: Dimensions Height: 44″ (112 cm) Width : 58″ (148 cm) Depth: 21″ ( 53 cm) Weight 475 lbs. Origin USA #1 String 44.5″ Hammer Weight 19 lbs. Soundboard Area: 1943 square inches Material: Spruce Back Post Material Aspen V-Pro Plate Yes Bridge Material Hard Maple Pinblock Material Hard Maple Tuning Pins Cut thread Center Pedal Mute Metal Action Rail Yes Seasoned for Destination Yes Keyboard 88 keys Pedals 3

This piano comes with free local delivery, a free in home tuning and a 5 year warranty.

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