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Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-Owned Pianos

Every pre-owned piano that comes to our store has been thoroughly inspected by a Registered Piano Technician to make sure it is in excellent working order before it makes it onto our showroom floor. Each piano is tuned, voiced, and regulated to reach its fullest potential.

We want all of our customers to purchase a piano that they feel confident will serve their needs for many years to come. The purchase of a piano is an important decision and we are confident that all of our pre-owned instruments will meet the various needs of our customers.

We have a large selection of some of the leading piano manufacturers in our pre-owned inventory. We have an excellent selection of brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Baldwin and many others.

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Pre owned black grand piano

1999 Yamaha MX1 Disklavier Piano, Free Local Delivery – $5,495

Year 1999
Make Yamaha
Model MX1 Disklavier
Price $5,495

Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musician, Yamaha MX1 upright pianos are made in Japan and feature outstanding tone, touch and durability. A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, MX1 upright pianos offer outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured. This model is also currently the #1 selling used piano in the world.

This piano comes with free local delivery, a free in home tuning and a 5 year warranty.

Pre-owned Yamaha Piano Front

Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, Free Local Delivery – $14,995

This is one of Yamaha’s Conservatory models (6′ 1″) in beautiful ebony polish case.

As you know Yamaha C series are higher quality grand pianos to their lower end GC series and GB series.

This piano was built in 1980. This piano is in excellent condition in every way. Flawless!

It has a very nice clean tone and very responsive action feel. This is a pianist’s dream piano and you can own it for a very low price.

The brand new Yamaha for the same model (C3 in ebony polish) retails for $45,699 now. We are selling this like new piano for $14,995.
Free local delivery along with 1 FREE Piano Tuning. Piano is selling for less than market value!

2005 Kawai UST-8, Free Local Delivery – $1,995

Finish: Ebony
Model: UST-8
Built: 2005
Size: 49”
Price: $1,995
Price includes: Delivery and tuning. ($250 value)

Before you purchase a new Kawai pro upright piano consider the UST-8 at less than half the price!. Our 2005 UST-8 is one of the best pro uprights out there today! LIKE NEW INSIDE AND OUT! Smooth and even tone quality with power throughout. But even more importantly without the price-tag. Even your piano technician won’t be able to tell the difference between our piano and a new one inside or out. Featuring muffler for discreet playing and extra wide music desk. The UST-8 is a whole lot of piano for the money.

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This piano comes with free local delivery and a free in home tuning.

2005 Yamaha DGB1 Disklavier Grand, Free Local Delivery – $7,995

Finish: Ebony
Model: DGB1
Built: 2005

Price: $7,995
Price includes: Delivery, tuning, 5 year warranty parts and labor and 5 year trade up. ($250 value)

The Disklavier’s offer everything that has made their predecessors so highly prized, plus a raft of new features such as an improved, graphical user interface and vastly larger internal music storage, as well as new entertainment functions and touch-screen ease of use.  Users of Yamaha’s PianoSmart® technology already know how current Disklavier models can synchronize the piano’s playback with other instrument and vocal tracks from a standard, store-bought audio CD for a fully orchestrated performance. On the DBG1, that capability is extended to video: by connecting the audio jacks of a standard camcorder to the OMNI jacks on the piano’s I/O Center, users can videotape their own performances and enjoy them later while the Disklavier’s playback and the television’s image are in perfect step with each other.

1990 Samick SU105 Piano, Free Local Delivery – $1,195

**A MUSICAL STANDOUT ** Samick professional upright piano model SU105 (48″). Fabulous crisp, clear and powerful sound at a bargain price thanks to Prelude Music Center!
This beautiful Samick SU105 Studio Upright Piano. This piano features a gorgeous satin cherry finish and straight-style legs. This piano is quite young, having been built in only 2001. The studio size is highly-popular among musicians for its fuller and richer sound. This is an ideal instruments for an intermediate to advanced musician.

This piano comes with free local delivery and a free in-home tuning plus a 5-year warranty.

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Call today to come see this and many other marvelous pianos.

1905 Steinway A Grand Piano, Free Local Delivery – $19995

Year: 1905
Make: Steinway & Sons
Model: A

Finish: Polished Ebony

1905 Steinway model A grand piano in excellent condition. Steinway action and hammers. Recently restrung. This piano is fully rebuilt with a new finish. The piano has its original artist legs and lyre which is hard to find.

This 1905 Steinway model A grand piano comes with free local delivery, a 5 year warranty, and a free in home tuning.

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