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Our Clients Say

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Excellent service and AWESOME piano! Many thanks – See you at the next tuning!!

–Nancy Quinn, CT

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Jon has been tuning our piano for at least six years. He is very highly respected in the field and I find him to be very professional, honest and trustworthy.

Once, when I was in the market for a new piano, he advised me where to go for my needs. He was very helpful, and it was even to his disadvantage, because I ended up buying the piano elsewhere. Prelude Piano Solutions just didn’t have one to meet my needs at the time. Still, Jon took the time to go and look at the piano for me, and gave me very good advice on whether to buy or not buy it. He was still game to help me out. He even helped me find a home for my old piano.

–Krista Adams Santilli, Trumbull, CT

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We’ve rented two baby grand pianos from Prelude Piano Solutions, and they provided great service; on-time delivery of excellent pianos. We’ll use them again.

–Carol Spiegel, Manager of Danbury Palace Theater

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We’ve been using their services for many years; he’s almost like family. I recommend Jon to everyone I know. He always shows up on time and does an incredible job tuning our pianos. There’s no drama – he’s just a great service provider.

A while ago I wanted to buy a Yamaha Grand. It has that certain sound I like, so I said to Jon ‘if you hear about anybody who has a Yamaha Grand, please let me know.’ Within a couple of months, I had a beautiful new instrument.

He’s really busy, but he always makes time. I’ve been in a bind or two before a performance – needing a tuning or needing a sticky key fixed quickly – and he always makes it happen.

–Daniela Sikora, Director of Ridgefield Chorale

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We’ve had a great relationship with Jon since late 2012, when my wife Tracy and I opened our music school. He’d been tuning our pianos since the beginning, but as soon as we had a large number of students, we needed some more pianos.

At the same time, Jon was just beginning his piano-selling business (as Prelude Music Center), in addition to his tuning business. We worked out an arrangement where he began storing his pianos here, and our students could use them. It’s a win-win. Whenever he sells one, he replaces it. He still stores some pianos here, even though he has his new showroom in Trumbull, and we’re more than happy to continue our relationship. We’re psyched to have him!

Jon is thorough and honest. He’s not going to sugar-coat something or tell you something just to sell you a piano. He’s also very reliable; if he says he’s going to do something, it gets done.

–Dan Carlucci, Fairfield School of Music

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I adore Jon! His prices are beyond affordable. They’re so fair, I literally had to tell him, ‘Dude, you need to charge more!’ He’s been tuning my piano for 15 years and it is in fabulous shape. That piano is part of my family – I love it like I love my kids, so Jon’s my “piano nanny”… he takes such good care of it!

I really appreciate that he gives me a call when it’s been six months since my last tuning; I’m so busy I don’t always remember to call him. And if I notice that the piano’s out of tune between tunings and call him, he’s here within three days. I love that!

I completely trust Jon and have left him alone in my home on numerous occasions when I have to leave; he’s just chill and kind and laid back and he does his thing. He’s great.

–Andrea Gottschall, Trumbull, CT

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